New-Native Foundation seeks to network together educators who embody their environment’s calling: sustainable farmers & foragers, ethical hunters, trappers and foresters. We aim to compile a comprehensive public database resource for these educators and for those seeking them in communities across America. We are outlining an American system of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (ATEK) with hands-on experience that will show our indigenous population that we are ready to care for this place we call home. Providing New-Native educational materials and programs, implementing a New-Native Pledge, New-Native Foundation will guide our people toward the invitation of a path in environmental connection through simple everyday initiatives.

When we consider our environment with every new decision we become a more mindful people, and evolve as a species. Together, with Nature in mind, we can rebuild our foundations for future generations. Our founder Keith M. Cowley, author of Presence, and Environmental Connection, challenges you to embrace your environment’s calling.

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